Tunes For You EP

With a much slicker production and obvious progress in terms of ability, Losthenfound have returned with ‘Tunes for You’, which a strong follow up to ‘Where’s Sancho’.

Cracking opener ‘Save Me’ misleads with a quirky verse before hitting out with the big ‘Save Me…’ chorus line. Things are taken in a new direction for the build up to the final verse with a complete halt followed by a frantic drum roll and guitar riff. A similar thread is used in ‘Flowers’, which uses familiar ideas in terms of intro and chorus hooks but with a flowing verse and subtle backing vocals.

‘Let it Be’ isn’t a Beatles cover but is another great track with good range in the melody and enough variation to forge it’s own identity on the record. There are quite a few tempo changes in this song that keep pulling your attention back to the song.

Penultimate number ‘My Jungle’ whacks straight into a double time intro that is cut back to normal time for the verse and half again in the chorus. This is the only track on the record to use a repeated line for the chorus and this actually adds a certain anthemic quality to the song. 

‘Just Wake Up’ finishes on a quiet note with a relaxed drum beat, acoustic guitars and a simple bass line that leaves plenty of room for some ambient synth and the vocals. Piano gets added towards the end of the track as things build emotionally to the close.

One of the most appealing elements of Blink 182’s ‘Enema of the State’ is the intricate drumming and this is one of the attractions to this record as well.

While we’re comparing these chaps to those ones, do you remember the process by which Blink 182 matured from blasting comedy-punk into a band that had the ability to release an emotionally acute song? Losthenfound are a band making the same transition from the humorous to the talented.

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