Where’s Sancho EP

Dude Ranch era Blink 182 is the order of the day for Losthenfound’s ‘Where’s Sancho’, which shows obvious humour throughout.

Starting with ‘Tough Break (When all your friends are dicks)’, which contains the fast drumming thrumming bass, and riffy guitar that you would expect from any fast-punk band, but with a down and dirty vocal that you wouldn’t.

‘Mary Jane’ opens with a two-string guitar line that doesn’t prepare you the least bit for the ultra-fast drumming that kicks in with the first chorus. There is a bit of a dodgy break in the last third of the song but the chorus hook of ‘I said it once’ saves the day.

More of the same is found in ‘Moving On’ with opening hooks on guitar, plectrum-driven bass, and a snare drum with skin tighter than Ann Robinson’s face. There isn’t a memorable chorus like there was in ‘Mary Jane’, which is a shame as it leaves all the hard work to the guitar.

Final song, ‘Far Away’, has a few moments that sound like Pavements ‘Stereo’, with not-quite-clean guitars and lots of Malkmus-style vocals in the verse and chorus.

There are some issues with the mix in this recording, with the vocals disappearing amongst the music occasionally, but you can’t blame the band for the quality of the recording.

Although it isn’t incredibly ground breaking, Losthenfound have basically nailed the delivery of this sub-punk genre and it’s impossible to criticise a band that sound like Blink 182 when they make it incredibly clear that sounding like Blink 182 is exactly what they want to do!

They obviously have fun playing the music, so it’s hard not to enjoy listening to it.

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