Set in Stone / Bluebells and Bluebirds

The first thing you’ll notice about Ben Dlugokecki is his incredible vocal; aching with emotion at times and reaching for epic heights at others.

‘Set in Stone’ is the first of a double a-side and sets a precedent of quality musicianship alongside the outstanding vocal. The style is a relaxed mix of indie and country with no particular badges to wear in respect of either; preferring to produce what feels natural over the need to fit within a boundary. The upbeat chorus and cheerful rhythm are lifted further still by the musical ending that combines the warm tone of brass instruments in the style of a Britpop song.

‘Bluebells and Bluebirds’ has the rolling acoustic sound of early Beautiful South records with careful restraint in the quiet moments and a build-up to the chorus that infects with anticipation.

Lone flip-side, ‘Autumn’, is an unaccompanied acoustic track that rounds off the record with chilled brilliance and understated grace – capturing in music the mood of the season in the title.

Whether accompanied by a full band, a cut down band with organ and two guitars, or completely lonesome, Dlugokecki can omit an entrancing musical aura likely to ensnare the emotions of all who listen.

A superbly genuine talent in terms of both song writing and performance.

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