Live (Loverock Road)

Although I’ve had a few memorable nights out at 333, I’d never been to see a band in the venue’s basement. Unlike the airy ground floor level or stylish upstairs lounge bar, the lower level is comparatively unappealing – the bands are obliged to play, poorly lit and therefore barely visible, behind a rather comically bulky and obscuring barrier.

Unperturbed, Loverock Road delivered a well structured set of melodic rock. Slower numbers were where they shone though, ‘I Need You’ being a particularly well structured song. Although it was the cramped setting rather than a lack of charisma which stifled the exuberance of the performance, I was glad to make the acquaintance of a talented new band.

And kudos too to headlining northerners Calvoon; their irrepressible enthusiasm was just about enough to break through the dingy setting. Confidence and a sense of fun backed up a solid set of indie tunes which the audience clearly enjoyed.

Unfortunately, the live version of their recent single, ‘Coming On Strong 2 The Maximum’, lacked some of the attention-grabbing swirl of its recorded counterpart but was nonetheless an annoyingly catchy highlight of an easy going set. Calvoon are a tight band I’d like to see in a better setting.

A triumph in the face of adversity for all involved.

Guest article from David S.

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