Schizo Fun Addict - The Atom Spark Hotel LP

Schizo Fun Addict
The Atom Spark Hotel LP

Schizo Fun Addict are a band on the edge. In fact, they spend half of their time on either side of it. The title track is definitely on the far side, conjuring up a woozy feeling with some overpowering ambience in the instrumentation and keyboard noise that’s about as welcome as an ex-husband at a hen party.

It’s not all bad – the vocal supplied by Jane Gabriel is a definite plus and there are strong similarities to Drugstore in the parts of the song not dominated by noise that sounds like an open window on a busy road.

Altogether more ‘on the wall’ is the Blondie-esque rendition of Frank and Walters ‘Fashion Crisis Hits New York’, which sees lead vocal duties falling to Jet Wintzer, who also has a great voice. A couple of urban dancefloor tracks make an appearance towards the end of the record and ‘Jellstar’ is the top dog in the pumping beat stakes.

Blondie meets Drugstore is the order of the day, with vocals that Bis could have achieved if they had spent more time working on them. The main problem with this record is that the best song of the day falls to the Frank and Walters cover.

Schizo Fun Addict are so endearing that I want to love them, but I really want them to earn that love by putting together songs that would rival ‘Fashion Crisis in New York’. If they did that, I could even forgive them their mind-bending overbearing moments of musical chaos.

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