Mach Schau

Mach Schau

For a band on their last warning at this venue you’d think that Mach Schau would tone down their usual raucous electric mish-mash of a live set and, at first, this did seem to be the case. For at least half the gig, frontman Johnny remains firmly on the stage and there is no broken glass or teeth flying into people’s drinks.

The new tracks stand well alongside old favourites such as ‘Shoot the Blues’ and ‘She Said’ which hurtles along at almost twice its usual speed, charged with energy, excitement and genuine passion.

Johnny eventually leaps down into the audience to get up close and personal, arguably one of the band’s defining traits and from here on things take a turn for the unexpected! The set remains engaging and pretty tight, and they definitely get the best reception of the night (justly so), but the gig ends with Johnny hurling a guitar and kicking over the drum kit: rock ‘n’ roll and all that, but it does make you wince!

Waste not want not as my granny always says…

Guest article from Rachel C.

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