Freeslave - Love Explosion

Love Explosion

‘Love Explosion’ is a typical indie pop track which wouldn’t be out of place on many a radio station today.

This track is all about the chorus, which is catchy and had me singing along the second time it came around. It ended abruptly, leaving me sitting there bobbing my head like an idiot – I’m not sure if there was a three minute limit, but I could have listened a little longer.

The second track ‘The Road Less Travelled’ is gorgeous – a mesh of tinkling keys, relaxed drumbeats and smooth guitars, which meet in a powerful chorus. The vocals are full of sentiment and genuine feeling – just lovely.

‘Save My Day’ is memorable and by no means simply a filler on the single.

Freeslave, also known as Haydon Spenceley, have managed to translate real emotion in an original and fresh sounding way.

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