Actress Hands - Half an Hour

Actress Hands
Half an Hour

That was quick. I popped the record on, got my ass lined up to the butt-shaped depression on my favourite seat and popped my feat up on the table. That doesn’t take a very long time, I can tell you. In fact, it takes about one minute and forty-six seconds.

I’ve not been measuring, I’m too busy for that! It just so happens that it took exactly the same amount of time as it took for Actress Hands to bop out ‘Half an Hour’, a track full of harmonious vocals and jangling guitars. It also happens to be the amount of time you need to decide you quite like this band.

‘What’s The Name of the Planet You’re From’ is an epic two and half minutes, but it’s equally appealing. The tactic appears to be to appear in a shower of hooky pop, get a chorus under the belt and make off into the sunset and it’s a strategy that means you can’t grow tired of any song.

Of course, it also means they’ll have to write a few hundred songs if they’re hoping to headline a festival, but it’s a small price to pay.

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