The Occasion

On a cold and bitter Friday night I couldn’t ask for a better way to spend my evening, than to review a decent gig, at the Red Room down in Piccadilly Circus.

The Occasion were that band and, believe it or not, it was evident that The Red Room was glowing with intensity and excitement as the band approach the stage. The crackling atmosphere ensured the chilly night was kept firmly at bay.

Andy Sizmur ( lead singer) truly is a great entertainer. His lyrics seem true to his word and real, something most people could relate to from some point in our lives. Their musicianship also works together like a charm, and a rare one at that, proving that there is more to their music than meets the eye.

As the band finish on their closing song, ‘Suitcase’, the crowd are all happily singing away and going all out for the finale chorus. Perhaps it’s the thought of having to endure more of the same weather on the way home, however, I suspect it may have been the last thing on their mind as everyone was clearly savouring the moment.

The Occasion are widely regarded as one of the finest bands in their area. Individually by no means new to performing, this group’s soulful spirit comes across largely due to the intense voice of A.P Sizmur and the hook ridden Fender of Andy Paris, who both create atmosphere and power in equal measures.

Overall, this gig was an occasion not to be missed!

Guest article from Kim L.

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