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It’s no secret that Garageband Superstar is one of my favourite albums. It’s glorious. Following up on an album like that is no easy task, so Lauran Hibberd gets straight to it with the fabulous melancholic pop of ‘i suck at grieving’. And, yes, all the songs on girlfriend material are stylised in all-lower-case.

The song is an autobiographical sketch of moments from Lauran’s life, pinned around the break-up of a four-year-long relationship. However, Hibberd has a way of looking at things that’s not obvious. The songs are energetic and the album has plenty of bounce, never mind whether the subject is about the six months of hardship after the breakup, being the second funniest girl that you know, or being told that she’s not girlfriend material.

What I love about this record is the flow. This is something it shares with Garageband Superstar. You just throw it on and listen to it. Like an album. Like the old times. Plenty of thought has been put into the track listing and how it moves between moods.

This thought process means you flow from the feels of ‘i suck at grieving’ and ‘jealous’ through the awakening of ‘mary’ and onwards into the nostalgic ’90’s kid’. That’s how this setup works. It floats you onwards until the album is complete. It’s cohesive.

So girlfriend material is awesome – woah wait… ‘Honda Civic’ isn’t even on the album. Maybe that’s because Honda is a proper noun.

Lauran Hibberd Videos

I’ve picked a couple of tracks for you to get a taste of the album. ‘i suck at grieving’ is the opening track and ‘2nd prettiest girl’ arrives at track eight.

Watch Lauran Hibberd – ‘i suck at grieving’.

Watch Lauran Hibberd – ‘2nd prettiest girl in the world’.

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