The Early November - What We Earn

The Early November
What We Earn

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This new single from The Early November throbs into life for a few bars before bursting into a rich track with a heavy edge.

The song switches from section to section. It doesn’t follow a typical structure; each thought is formed around a different arrangement. With the lyrics in hand, the chaotic video makes more sense, the words railing against the broken rules of society.

And life will hand you mayhem
And you have to make it work
But it’s not life, it’s society
And we’re all slaves to what we earn

The song feels a little nihilistic, but it’s actually a resolution. Our participation is needed to continue things as they are, so what if we refuse to follow the rule book?

What We Earn’ was the first song written for the album, and probably the most intense as well. It’s about the realization that the glass ceiling over our heads is supported by the walls we build throughout our lives.

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There’s a self-titled album coming on June 14th through Pure Noise Records.

What We Earn Video

Watch The Early November – ‘What We Earn’.

What We Earn Lyrics

I’m a hostage to my own beliefs
So before you give your love away
To a hostage in their own beliefs
Better turn around and walk away

Been around enough to know the afterlife
I had to go back for another fight
Holding onto breath because it only lasts me so long
I’ve been evaluated
And I’m valued by what I bring in
So take society
It’s not the life that I want to lead

I feel you starting to let go
And my grip is all I have to show
But my hands are worn
Peeling back, they’re paper-thin
I’m trying to be more
I’m trying to not be the loss I am

I always knew that I was different
I always knew that you’d be there
I always knew that we would make it
I always knew it would not be fair

It’s not that I’m tired
Because I could go for years
It’s not that I’m over it
It’s the moaning fear
Singing to me every morning
Sing it to me every night
Yell it at my reflection
Disgusted by the trail of waste I can’t hide

I’m picking up the pieces
Even if they don’t all fit
And I’ll put them all together
Regardless of the shape they’re in
And life will hand you mayhem
And you have to make it work
But it’s not life, it’s society
And we’re all slaves to what we earn

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