Anubia - Out Loud

Out Loud EP

It took me a couple of listens to get into Anubia. I guess I wasn’t prepared for such a precise and clean rock record. The intricate perfection of every instrument distracted me initially from the songs themselves.

The EP opens with the dark-rock strains of ‘Would You Kindly’, which is indicative of their deeper, more challenging style. ‘Tuesday Freak Show’ is a bit more instant but retains that post-grunge undertone that dominated the opener.

‘Broken Now’ is my pick of the bunch, with a chunky palm muted riff and dominating chorus. If this track had been at the front of this record, it would be easier to get into things – draw them in with the pace and then let rip with the more ominous stuff.

Despite the challenges presented by the track order, this is a really good record, and it’s well worth a couple of spins to sink yourself into it.

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