…Talking To Me? EP

This is the first CD I reviewed today that features a lady lead singer. Linda H Christensen kinda reminds me of a tiny bit of Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil) and Juliet Lewis (Juliet and the Licks).

However, the tracks on this EP I do like, maybe not because the band has a girly lead singer but because Anubia separates themselves with a different kind of rock genre. I found most of the songs to be rocking and energetic, which is something in most of my music collection at home.

Anubia are bringing something new to the world of rock, unlike most female-led bands, for instance, Arch Enemy and Lacuna Coil. I like those bands too, but this one has me a little more hooked than the above two, although I can’t pinpoint why at this moment. When the band release a full album, then I’ll let you know if I have solidified my case.

Go pick up this CD and see exactly what I mean.

Guest article from Kim L.

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