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Nerina Pallot

Why on Earth is the mag still talking about Nerina Pallot when she’s clearly doing very well for herself? She’s on a major label, isn’t she? Well, no – she isn’t – Nerina did the big-label thing for her debut album and, despite the impressions her success may give, she’s now on an independent label!

Ms Pallot has been the purveyor of a diverse set of songs so far and the latest single is set to continue the trend. Breathing life back into Steely Dan’s 1977 recording, ‘Peg’ is not much like any of Nerina’s previous singles, vibrating with a mid-eighties vibe that combines ‘Cruel Summer’ percussion with the throbbing bounce of a synth bass. The sugary pop-estration of the track is further enhanced by the ‘do-do-do-do’ backing vocals.

Pallot’s unmistakable voice keeps the thread of her previous hits and demonstrates her classical training, while all the time the music hints at a love of all kinds of music.

It might not have the gravity of ‘Sophia’ or the lyrical slant of ‘Everybody’s Gone to War’, but it does have a pop groove that will certainly add something special to the parent album, Fires.

Listen to Nerina Pallot – ‘Peg’.

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