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Då Månen Sken

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Skáld create music based on Norse texts, re-imagined as atmospheric songs with high contrast in the vocals. They often sing in Old Norse, though sometimes Icelandic, Faroese, Norweigen, Swedish, and English. With substantial instrumentation based around shamanic drums, its the collection of voices that captivates.

Their new album, Huldufólk, is scheduled for release next year, their first without Justine Galmiche who stepped back for health reasons earlier this year. ‘Då Månen Sken’ is the newly released taster for the record.

If you like an enigmatic drama, you’re in for a treat. The music builds a dark folk soundbed for the chanted verse. The slow waves get an additional lift for the first chorus, a little additional lighter motif in the music and a contrast of intense chants with a melodic top end.

The song continues to develop these three layers of vocals. The ultra-deep fry chant is as much part of the music as the vocal line. I love a good vocal interplay, and the chorus provides a great mix of different rhythms and registers that has more impact than harmony would have for a song like this.

This song is intense and beautiful in equal measure. It has real force, a folk tale that thrums like a beast below a mountain. You might not listen to this kind of thing, but it will also appeal to you if you are into rock and alternative music, as you’ll be interested in the character and intensity of the record.

Listen to Skáld – Då Månen Sken.

Huldufólk Meaning and Track Listing

“Huldufólk” means hidden people and is the name used by Icelandic and Faroese people to describe elves with a heavy build and monochrome clothing. Children are told not to throw stones in case they hit one of the hidden people.

Here’s the complete track listing for Skáld’s Huldufólk album – I can confirm I haven’t used the “Alt Gr” key on my computer this much, ever!

  1. Troll Kalla Mik
  2. Ljósálfur
  3. Mánin Líður
  4. Ríðum, Ríðum
  5. Hinn Mikli Dreki
  6. Då Månen Sken
  7. Elverhøy
  8. Her Mannelig
  9. Rauður Loginn Brann
  10. Trollslaget
  11. Du Hast
  12. A Forest

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