Stonedog - Spiders


Stonedog’s new single, ‘Spiders’, is a grunge rock song with a gloom-pop twist. It starts with a warm guitar with ghostly reverb, then the toms come storming in. It’s moody, horror-tinged, and captures a perfect atmosphere.

‘I’ve been looking at the spiders and they’re watching me,’ Jon whispers in a lullaby-esque sinister tone. ‘I’ve been listening to the spiders and they’re watching me.’ The first chorus is brief and punchy, ‘too many eyes, too many legs,’ and by now, you can feel those little hairy appendages tickling your skin.

The rhythm created by the guitar in the verse is reprised as a heavy distorted post-choral festival of noise, making the descent into the verse even more menacing.

From a production perspective, the record feels thicker and stronger than ever. It ratchets up and down the dynamic scales and maintains high clarity even when the noise is ramped up. It has great tone.

‘Spiders’ is right on point. It has character and feels. If the next album is filled with stuff like this, we’re all in.

The new album is called Post Apocalyptic Zombie Love Songs and it’s heading our way hopefully by the end of May.

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