Too Late (Scuffed Album Sampler)

In preparation for their forthcoming album ‘Scuffed’, Loopy sent us a demo titled ‘Too Late’, featuring some of the songs from the new release. However, the subsequent destruction of the CD within the postal system, followed by the downloading of the wrong MP3s from the Loopy Website, means that their new album has yet to receive a mention.

However, it’s not too late as we now have within our possession some MP3s, which may or may not be the correct one’s, but all of which will feature on ‘Scuffed’.

The folk / barn dance intro of the title track is misleading compared to rest of the track, which is much more indie-pop. The bouncy rhythm and sparkly sound is a rarity these days and, while many indie bands are going down the downbeat shoe-gazer route, Loopy clearly want to write songs with a light hearted pop-sparkle and loads of ‘ba da bap baa’-ing.

‘This Sound’ could have been recorded in the sixties, with layered harmonies that hark back to the Hollies. A really strong chorus with a gigawatt of dynamic energy forms the main focal point while the verses feature some nice little details that provide the interesting finishing touches around the edges.

‘Blue Cortina’ also has a retro feel with some hammond organ, crunchy guitars, and tom-rolls modelled on Ringo himself. Further Beatles references can be found in the midst of the song, with the loud-speaker vocal line ‘Just another Year’ bringing to mind the Yellow Submarine album. In fact, it’s just occurred to me that a ‘Blue Cortina’ is a less ambitious, eighties mode of transport to the heady sixties underwater vehicle.

The overall effect of these songs is quite refreshing and pleasant. It’s not often you hear such up-beat music with nice lyrics and it’s even rarer for it to actually work, as this does. The only thing missing is a five-minute fadeout with an immense group of backing singers holding the melody while George and John throw in random lyrics.

If the Housemartins did a ‘Beatles Project’ with backing vocals on tap from the Hollies and music supplied by The Monkees, it would be Loopy.

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