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Burgers LP

Set for release on 5th September 2005, ‘Burgers’ is the much anticipated follow up to Toupe’s 2003 album ‘Alopecia’ and signals Toupe’s second step towards achieving an Album release for every letter of the alphabet.

With fast-food styled track information, the packaging is almost as entertaining as the occasional humorous snippets that are interspersed between the tunes. The songs themselves range from excellent to stunning with rhythmic riffs at the centre of the trademark Toupe style. Regular transitions from light to funky to sinister keep you on your toes and a plethora of catchy chorus lines accompany a series of substantial songs that may well have been designed for shagging to – if you’re fit enough to keep up that is!

Whilst avoiding lengthy descriptions of all the tracks on the record, the best highlights include the stampeding opener ‘Werk Jerk’ (perhaps another contender for a ‘best rock-riff’ award), the brilliant chorus in ‘Fly Boy’, and the sexy smoothness of ‘Fuckin”, which is a work of lyrical genius.

These aren’t the only great songs on offer either, as ‘Ninja’s’, ‘Peepers’, and ‘Pork Rinds’ are all up there too with riff upon riff of creativity that, despite what might be described as ‘limitations’, never once cause the feeling that the songs are too similar. Controversially, I’d have to compare moments of ‘Burgers’ to Ash and Feeder, but with large doses of rock and roll innovation.

All together this could well be the must-buy album of the year especially as I can as good as guarantee that you won’t own another record like this (unless Toupe knock out another album starting with ‘C’ some time soon – and I’ve already thought of a great title for that one!)

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