The Black Tulips

The Black Tulips
The Dogs’ Home

The Black Tulips have an incredibly epic and haunting sound – but not like a crappy ghost train at the fair, like The Haunted House at Alton Towers… and Jonathan Creek.

The anthemic chorus of ‘The Dogs’ Home’, accompanied by marching drumbeats, is still repeating in my head like a mantra and the electronic keys and ghostly ‘whoos’ sent shivers. It’s disturbing, but it’s impossible not to be drawn in by it.

The second track ‘Lie Detector’, inspired by Jeremy Kyle and his counterparts, has an androgynous vocal and an infectious melody. The chorus is fast, raw and angry, and definitely leaves a big impression.

‘Under The Skin’ totally surprised me. It’s a touching love song that is positively dripping with emotion and melancholy.

In all a fine effort.

Guest article from Katie M.

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