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Despite their website looking terribly broken… and spewing thousands of errors into the browser console; our tech team dug into Stand Atlantic’s page to find out what’s occurring. They may have found a hidden announcement. Look away if you don’t want any spoilers.

The Stand Atlantic Website Home Page (22nd April, 2021)

If you want to play along, you can head on over to the Stand Atlantic website with all our best wishes for good luck. You’ll need to avoid reading on as we have played the game!

Spoilers Incoming

First, the technical answer…

Behind the scenes, this page carries a hidden message. It’s only hidden because the script that would display it fails catastrophically. As of today, the message would read “6 days 15 hours 43 minutes 29 seconds” as it’s supposed to be a live count-down to 29th April 2021. On the 29th, the message is set to change to:

I think I’ve got a f—-n deathwish

For the JavaScript developers out there, you have solved the riddle in one swoop by viewing the source code. But what if we play the game properly?

The first problem to solve is the password field. Well, you can set a machine off to attack that in the hope of finding the right characters, or you can use good old social engineering. Swoop through social media and you’ll find a post from Emily Jade (ace music photographer) where she shares a card she received. “Emily, the code is 4RYT1PYPT,” it reads. “PASS IT ON”.

Armed with this password, we find ourselves on the next clue. We are a couple of days in, so we have two letters (more seem to be appearing each day). We have a word on the top line and what is likely to be a date below. This time, the content is an image, so there’s no tech shenanigans to be pulled to find the answer; it’s the old fashioned dictionary for us to find a nine-letter word, starting with “d”. We had a self-destructive desire to find the answer, so we cheated and used an online Crossword Solver!

d _ _ t _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ 2 _

We assume, therefore, that Deathwish is going to hit the light of day on 29th April 2021!

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