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More Than Machines

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Thick and punchy, ‘More Than Machines’ is a great way to tell people you are back on the scene. If you’ve lost touch with Bush, we might need to offer some reminders along the way… but let’s enjoy the new single a bit first.

Gavin Rossdale is quick to show us that his vocal still has the magnetic qualities we remember from the 90s. It’s a wonderfully warm deep melody with a bit of emotional shudder and plenty of power. This is layered over a stomping rhythmic song with atmospheric rock stamped all over it.

Don’t step on my toes, let the weather go
It’s been a long wait in bed
Say what, we blow, let’s go, this is the time to shine
Everything wrong should be right
Girls, you in control
Not the government, not the government

We haven’t had a lyrical mix of politics, philosophy, and poetry since Therapy? but while Andy Cairns is the master of that combination, Bush do a pretty good job here, too. It feels authentic, so it hits home.

We are more than machines, we are because we feel
When everything goes down, it is how we come around
We are more than a dream, but this heart is made of steel
I said I need you now, you are everything to me
More than machines (More than machines)
More than machines

Watch Bush – ‘More Than Machines’.

So, the song is good… let’s quickly spin you through time to fill in the gaps.

Who are Bush?

Bush formed in London in 1992 and signed to Hollywood Records in 1993. Not bad going. Their first six albums were Billboard top 40 hits, with Razorblade Suitcase grabbing the top spot – thanks in part to the massive single ‘Swallowed’, which was and remains one of my favourite songs.

Sonically, they have merged classic rock elements into a more modern rock sound, a bit like a British Soundgarden in many ways. Their live performances are true to the recordings, with an added zizz of energy.

The band took a break between Golden State (2001) and The Sea of Memories (2011) but have otherwise been consistent in dropping albums every two or three years.

Their next album, The Art of Survival, is where ‘More Than Machines’ comes from. Looks like it’s going to be another good one!

Watch Bush – ‘Swallowed’.

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