Martyn J Collins - Automatic

Martyn J Collins
Automatic / Falling

Released two weeks apart, Martyn J Collins has given us two distinctive songs. Let’s start with the most recent of the two, ‘Automatic’, before returning to ‘Falling (I Want You For Myself)’ to see what’s packed into these two songs.

There are two strong elements to ‘Automatic’, the first is the Revolver-era Beatlesy drum beat. The second element is a melodic phrase that provides the main hook for the song, and is echoed by the short guitar solo.

The song starts with a short intro on the guitar, with the rest of the instruments all joining straight into the chorus. The verse spins out of this, enhanced by an emotive chord change that matches the ‘keeping scared of the dark’ line. The backing vocals provide a semi-ghostly lift to this section. The final element is the verse-ending falsetto delivery of the song’s title.

This song definitely nods to the latter half of the sixties, with The Beatles being the most prevalent reference (though the bass line is more Beach Boys).

‘Falling (I Want You For Myself)’ draws on psychedelic rock in the verse, and adds a fizzing indie chorus that I love. Collins’ vocal shows versatility in this song, and the extra contrast between the verse and chorus are made stark by the rapid switches.

Because I want you for myself
Cause I’m tired and alone
Because I want you for myself
We’re gonna make it if we take our chances
Take our chances

Both the intricate combination of guitars in the verse and the fuzzy rising riff in the chours are noteworthy here. They are inspired by different musical movements, but they are brought together to good effect.

Both of these songs are good, by ‘Falling’ really left me wanting more when it faded out.

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