Magnolia Park - Baku's Revenge

Magnolia Park
Baku’s Revenge LP

Every time Magnolia Park surfaces on our playlist, we talk about how great they are. Baku’s Revenge is their second long player and home to ‘Feel Something’, ‘I Should’ve Listened To My Friends’, and ‘Addison Rae’.

Interspersed by three interludes (plus the bonus interlude that introduces ‘Addison Rae’), the album has a design that goes further than choosing song order. It’s got rise and fall and storytelling all baked in.

There are plenty of anthems on this album. The aforementioned singles are particularly high-quality. There’s also ‘Misfits’, which features Taylor Acorn. This track has a stomping beat and a stormy atmosphere that fits with the lyrics about a toxic relationship.

‘Radio Reject’ is autobiographical and one of the hookiest tracks on the record. A good driving verse with all the loud reserved for the big chorus. ‘Drugs’ has strong Skiba-era blink-182 feels, with a rapid intro and chorus contrasted with dropped verse loop. There’s a la-la-la synth/vocoder motif that works like an off-balance reprise to the ‘Feel Something’ melodic echo.

Despite an elevated beat, ‘Paralyzed’ has a great dark twist that gives it a substantial flavour. The lyrics go deep, recounting flashes of memories before becoming almost philosophical in the chorus.

I’m paralyzed
Trapped inside
We’re addicted to our traumas
Just another broken saga

There’s a post-party shiver to ‘Ghost 2 U’,

As well as the singles (all stunners), there’s a truckload of anthemic and atmospheric music on this album. Magnolia Park can kick up a ruckus but also bring the feels. This is a great album. Catch them on their US Baku’s Revenge Tour, which runs from March to the end of October 2023.

Watch Magnolia Park feat. Taylor Acord – Misfits.

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