Old Neon - Save Me From Myself

Old Neon
Save Me From Myself

Can you save me from myself? So it starts as Old Neon conjure the feels in their latest single, ‘Save Me From Myself’. The lyrics might be about emptiness and regret, but that doesn’t stop it from pulling out harmonic mini-solos, delivering hooks, and whipping up a significant melody.

The intro is energetic, and the verse arrives with just drums and a muffled rapid guitar. A solid build through the verse delivers us to a drop-out that announces the chorus. The drums do some neat things in the transitions from the chorus back into a reprise of the intro and on to the clicky twist to the second verse, which is a smart variation.

Lyrically, it’s raw and pained… ’empty beds and empty floors, empty bottles empty drawers’, ‘the day to day gets underneath my skin’, ‘no more pictures in the frames’… pass me the kitchen roll, I need something super absorbent.

Can you save me from myself?

‘Cause I won’t make it out on my own
I need someone to just let me know
Where did the years go?
Where did the years go?

At what feels like mid-song there’s an immense solo to accompany the cries of ‘where did the years go?’ With a sudden deconstruction, it’s all said and done. An unexpected but thematic ending with a final ‘can you save me?’

Old Neon keep supplying quality emo sparkle.

Listen to Old Neon – ‘Save Me From Myself’.

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