Old Neon - What Do You Love

Old Neon
What Do You Love?

It’s funny. I was listening to ‘Today Is Screaming Your Name’ earlier and thought: ‘This might be Old Neon’s best song’. The next thing you know, ‘What Do You Love’ drops, and now I need to think about it again.

This song has a pop-punk bounce and deadly hooks. It’s vocal and drums, with a crunchy guitar for the first couple of lines of the verse. Then the bass arrives, and it’s a brilliant way to float in. There are some frankly insane guitar flickers cascading over it all.

There are two bars of run-up, and then the chorus arrives, big and punchy.

Can’t fucking wait ’til you see things different
You’re feeling terrible, oh who isn’t?
And you know it’s not the way
And you never can escape
Focus on the things you hate
Oh, what do you love?
Yeah, what do you love?

I don’t know what happened. It feels like they’ve gone into a studio with legendary producer, Steve Power. This song is about as perfectly honed as it gets.

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