Old Neon - Today is Screaming Your Name

Old Neon
Today is Screaming Your Name

We are always here for an Old Neon single launch and today is the day they deliver us ‘Today is Screaming Your Name’. It’s different from previous singles in many respects, so let us help you unpack it, while the band themselves provide the audio backdrop.

It begins with a guitar, crisp with the faintest crunch around the edge, bathed in an echo pedal as builds up the introductory riff. The beat comes in, but it’s a slower and more purposeful rhythm than the up-tempo singles we’ve been getting used to. It’s a weighty emotional verse with a Stoic twist, with the chorus exploding into the title line: ‘There’s no tomorrow, today is screaming your name.’

This song firmly belongs to the big heartfelt emo anthemery of The Early November’s The Room’s Too Cold. It’s got substance, style, and fantastic musicianship in all departments.

Old Neon are one of our favourite bands and that’s not about to change!

Watch Old Neon – Today is Screaming Your Name

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