Harker - Wasting Time

Wasting Time

Hold the front page – Harker are back! Their album, Axiom, was an emo-gaze sensation, so they have much to live up to.

‘Wasting Time’ starts with big open chords and a rock and roll progression. The distinctive Harker vocal kicks in with its classy fry, and we’re up and running. The chorus has a strong melody and hooks that push the lyrics to the fore.

I said what I had to say
I meant every word I said
And if you won’t talk to me
I’m just wasting time again

Mini solos wrap things around to the verse, and the subsequent chorus gets additional layers of vocal interplay that make things interesting. The middle eight has epic feels that prepare for the final renditions of the chorus.

In terms of sound, it’s like Jimmy Eat World mixed with One Cure Fits All-era Therapy? The song feels classic in many ways; the chord progression, the use of a motif to round off the chorus, and the vocal ideas have aspects that have echoed through the decades. That doesn’t stop the band from stamping a Harker signature across it all; the result is top drawer.

Watch Harker- ‘Wasting Time’.

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