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Viji’s album, So Vanilla, is inbound and ‘Sedative’ gives us our first taste of what’s to come. Let’s look at this alt-pop delight and wonder what else the album might bring.

The opening bars give hints of post-punk and new wave with a rhythm like Metric and a dark bass that harks back to Joy Division pumping things along. The atmosphere gets top marks and we haven’t touched the verse.

The verse features a laid-back vocal that makes the song sound reflective. The words sound like she’s singing the song to someone, but it’s presented like she’s saying to herself – almost like it’s what she wants to say, but can’t.

The chorus pops, with a distinctive melodic hook and a solid post-chorus tail flick. The lyrics are a love letter, something along the lines of…

Your mindset so sedative
Your tongue’s out ready for it
Your touch is so intimate
I hate that I’m whispering
Love is not as cool without you

The song definitely has a shoe-gaze element, but it also has more vibrant elements from rock and pop that elevate it. It contrasts with the previous releases that are slated for inclusion on the album, the wonderful swing and frantic open chords of ‘Anything’ and ‘Down’, which is a hazy slacker-rocker with a fuzzed lead guitar line and chilled pace that dances on the edge-of-grunge.

‘Sedative’ was written about a girl Viji met:

She’s like a breath of fresh air, and there’s a fine line between friendship and attraction that was hard to navigate. Usually when I meet someone like that I wanna ‘be’ that person, but this time I wanted to be with her.

The video centres on this with a strong visual moment in a club, with Bekah Bossard playing Viji’s love interest. After some heavy cigarette flirting, there’s a giant tension-charged pause before Bossard slides away into the crowd. The video pays homage to The Shining, Girl Interrupted, and Sucker Punch.

Watch Viji – ‘Sedative’.

So Vanilla?

Well, Viji’s name is Vanilla Jenner, so that’s definitely part of the concept here. Although Viji’s EP was released on Dirty Hit, So Vanilla is coming out on Speedy Wundergound on October 27th.

Track Listing

  1. Anything
  2. Down
  3. Sedative
  4. Sundress in pink
  5. Karaoke
  6. Blanket
  7. Sharks
  8. Slip out quiet
  9. 1850
  10. Say Hi
  11. White Lighter
  12. Ambien

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