Bleach Lab - Studio Session

Bleach Lab
Studio Session EP

In December, Bleach Lab released a four-song studio session called, well, Studio Session. The EP has three of their favourite album tracks from their debut album and one wonderous cover.

It’s the cover version that opens. Mazzy Star’s ‘Fade Into You’, which in its own right is an absolute stunner of a song. Bleach Lab manage to capture the original languid style perfectly. With a song like this, it’s best to keep the changes somewhat subtle as it’s easy to tear the heart out of it. This version sounds like Bleach Lab, but they’ve avoided all soul-stripping. Love it.

‘All Night’ gets a slower treatment, which makes the melody pop out. This was my favourite song on their album and I love having another angle on it here. There’s a reasonably faithful rendition of ‘Indigo’, which was the first of their songs I heard and it has a warm tone to it here. ‘Counting Empties’ features the drums higher in the mix than on the album, which makes it sound more different than you’d expect.

This EP is such a gift to fans. For the three Bleach Lab songs, you focus on different parts of the songs, even though the elements are technically all their on the album versions. It’s like reading the same poem with different emphasis. For the cover, it’s a great addition to their catalogue.

Fade Into You Video

Watch Bleach Lab – ‘Fade Into You’.

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