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Initially a warm saccharine love song, ‘All Night’ takes a surprise lyrical twist in the bridge. We’ll get to that in good time.

It all starts with a drum fill and some clean warm guitars and bass. The pace is slow and it makes the song kinda dreamy. The vocal comes in smooth and atmospheric, on point for a slightly sombre love-ending lyrics about being together for one last night.

The chorus hints at an abusive side to the relationship, the lover calls Jenna crazy even though she’s just been waiting all night for them.

Then the twist. The bridge hits and the lyrics turn to the subject of dismantling and burying the lover where they’ll never be found. This was unexpected, but also metaphorical… I think.

This song is like a sunset over the long grass of the sand dunes. It feels like the end of something, which matches the lyrical themes. The music is hypnotically absorbing and it sounds big despite the chilled pace. This is artful stuff and hard to do.

I love what this band are doing.

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All Night Lyrics

Circling ’round
I wanna take you down
Wanna be yours tonight, babe
One last time
Tell me everything will be fine
I’II be yours, you know it feels right
Wanna know just what it feels like
Let me hold you on a cold night

You call me crazy
Why’d you wanna do that, baby?
I’ve been waiting all night for you

Wanna feel like gold dust in your hands
Do I make you feel alright?
Do you wanna stay the night?
Wanna show you what it feels like
Let me hold you on a cold night

You call me crazy
Why’d you wanna do that, baby?
I’ve been waiting all night for you

You’re in the deepest part of my mind
Inside a box they’ll never find
Bury you deep beneath the ground
You’ll never be found
You could tell all your friends
That I broke you apart
I could do it again
And that’s wherе it ends

You call me crazy
Why’d you wanna do that?

You call me crazy
Why’d you wanna do that, baby?
I’vе been waiting all night for you
I’ve been waiting all night for you

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