Caroline Alexander

Caroline Alexander
Live (Blue Jay Way / Basic)

On the 15th September 2003 The Joiners, Southampton, played host to Caroline Alexander, who headlined the event after The Faith Band called an abrupt halt to their UK tour.

First band on, B@sic, were truly eclipsed by the two bands that followed. An unmemorable set with very little performance was thankfully followed by two much better performances. It might be early days for this band and it is possible they don’t have the stage-time under their belt right now.

Support band Blue Jay Way managed to impress with memorable songs and tight harmonies. There was also some clever use of the two guitars, which bounced nicely off of each other to create a feeling of space, rather than fighting against each other or creating a pure wall of noise.

With a little more movement around the stage and with a little more thought towards how each song finishes, Blue Jay Way could easily impress even the most lethargic audience.

Caroline Alexander stepped up next with a set that was definitive proof that she is the number 1 female rock artist in the UK, with songs reminiscent of Skunk Anansie.

The music was exceptionally high-quality and a special mention should be given to the sticks man who is one of the most solid time keepers and impressive fillers I’ve seen in a very long time!

Notable tracks include recent singles ‘If You…’ and ‘Yellow Baby’ and also a cover of ‘Weak’ with a guest appearance from Caroline’s uncle (who deserves recognition for managing to harmonise above Caroline’s vocal.) A truly memorable set full of angst and energy.

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