The Pipettes

The Pipettes

This short and sweet two track demo, from all girl pop band The Pipettes, starts with the tune ‘I Like a Boy in Uniform’. While, quite clearly, this is the kind of thing that got Gary Glitter jailed, its tongue-in-cheek delivery does suggest that this is a band having some risky fun rather than a serious admission by a bunch of weirdos.

This is further evidenced before the end of the track, with the chorus line changing to ‘I Like a Girl in Uniform (school uniform)’.

The second track, ‘It Hurts to See You Dance So Well’, is even more of a brief affair at just over a minute and has the 60’s feel of ‘It’s My Party’. So, in three minutes and six seconds it’s all over in a flurry of provocative lyrics and pop keyboards.

This demo is all the things you would expect from a grrrlpop-band. With a touch of Tatu in the first track, the general feel is a bit like Shampoo or a toned downed version of Kenickie after the guitars got nicked and replaced with keyboards!

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