Concept 7

Concept 7

Some quality industrial-techno is the order of the day for Concept 7’s three-track taster, which comes in advance of their next major record.

The industrial nature of the record punches through in the first track, ‘Functional Concrete’, providing some urban industrial themes. Also in the mix are some hefty distorted bass and guitar sounds that, along with the vocal, add an aggressive edge to the song.

Second track, ‘Subversion’, has a sinister opening with dark synth sounds and whispered vocals. The guitars are more prominent in this track, stabbing in with distorted chord spikes like a bony finger in the ribs. After sounding like coming to close, things start up again for a bit longer before a stuttered ending.

‘Corporation Tank’ rounds things off on a similarly dark note with futuristic bassy sounds and spacey randomness mixed with a vocal that combines the two previous styles with a whispered start that gets more angry half way through the track.

Concept 7 have got a truly cyber-industrial sound that is more moody than the inhabitants of a reality show and much, much deeper. The forthcoming album ‘The Undeniable Constant’ will do well if they manage to keep the quality of the songs undeniably constant.

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