A Love Ends Suicide - In The Disaster EP

A Love Ends Suicide
In The Disaster EP

In between coming out of his cave to feast on moss and small rodents, the Editor is a pretty astute chap. In the pub, telling him what I am most listening to at the moment, he said that he had some CDs which would be right up my street. A Love Ends Suicide was one, now just to explain I am in a bit of a metal stage at the moment, so was kinda intrigued as to what was in store for me.

I went through a stage of buying CD’s down to the album covers and this in particular would be one that would have been on the counter faster than Wyle E Coyote at an ACME explosive sale.

The Editor wasn’t lying, ‘Cold Summer’ lulls you into a false sense of security before it begins its assault on your senses. Now, whilst they have the atypical two vocal tones (one screaming and one a little more subtle) they do have something a little different. For one, the guitarist sounds as if he has machines inside his fingers, some of the riffs are quite manic to say the least!!

If you like Killswitch Engage, then you will probably love A Love Ends Suicide as they share similar values. One, a voice that makes your bowels loosen – check, thunderous bass and drums – check, and the odd break that comes in when you don’t expect it – check.

Track two, the title track ‘In The Disaster’ again announces itself to you in no uncertain terms. The second vocalist has a little more to do on this time and is a little more pronounced, and works well. It’s been well produced and there’s nothing you can fault it on the recording – everything sounds as it should, and if you like your music loud, then you will not be disappointed.

The one problem I find with a few metal bands is that it can be a little hard to distinguish one track from another on the first few listens, and that is the case here. However, ‘Of Day Dream and Fantasy’ again does what it does very well. The ‘gentler’ vocals have more to do here and they contrast well with the sheer mental-ness coming at you from your speakers. My neighbours are gonna hate me….

‘Romance Creates Killers’ is one of my stand-out tracks. The chundering bass in the chorus leads to a real nice guitar riff, nothing feels bolted on, or out of place. It goes from verse into chorus almost seamlessly and you can tell that some thought has gone into the making of their music.

I think some people have a problem with metal music as it appears to just be ‘noise’, well, yeah, that’s what any music is!! Music is there to appeal to your mood and just because its metal, doesn’t mean that you are there to destroy, pillage and plunder – sure that’s cool to do, but there is more to it than that.

My favourite track, ‘Another Revolution’ sounds like someone’s heart is about to explode, before it literally does explode into life, with the little breaks again stop this sinking into monotony. It seems the longer the CD goes on the more you notice the gentler vocals.

A Love Ends Suicide are like a jackhammer with a perpetual supply of power, always pounding away, relentless and will only stop when someone removes your broken, bloodied body from the floor. To me at least, they encapsulate the good elements of metal music and, whilst they are by no means ground-breaking, they are exceptionally good at what they do.

‘In The Disaster’ ends with ‘Heroes of Faith’, which again is in the same vain as its predecessors. You can tell that they do not understand the meaning of ‘going it easy’, so if you like your music loud, fast and punchy, listen to them.

I might even have to fetch a few dozen mink as a treat for the Editor on this one.

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