Taken from their album, The Album, ‘3×2’ is a glimpse into the unusual lounge-trip sound of Brique, which the band committed to record last year in part via Zoom.

The very core of their sound is mass-fusion of styles, as evidenced by their album cover, where they conveniently placed them all. Let’s try and break it down. It’s a soulful lounge start, with floaty guitars and a trebly bass tone. It’s pleasant and tuneful. The kicker, though, comes a third through when the drums kick in and the samples squeeze some secret sauce onto the song as it further transitions with temp changes and an instrumental section. It pops out in the final third with a hybrid of all the preceding parts, reworking the start of the song with the vibe of the middle third.

If you found a tape from this band in an attic, you might think you’d found an experimental session from George Harrison, which Lennon had added samples to. The beat, though, is distinctly Bristolsound and the fuzzy tones towards the end are more Pavement than Beatles.

This is an eclectic song for sure, but the beauty is in the triptych arrangement.

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