Lauran Hibberd - Bleugh

Spoken interludes, fun bouncy verses, and a trademark Hibberd chorus; that’s the ingredients in this smoosh-up anti-love song. ‘We’re not getting a dog,’ degrades into ‘we’re not getting along’ as it becomes clear this is a venomous break up song… but it’s so fun… can it really be?!

In short, yes. Somewhere out there is a drumming skateboarder with skinny arms who won’t want you playing this track and bringing back all the heartache. Despite the scathing lyrics, this song is trademark Lauran Hibberd. It’s got Offspring percussive fun, Sleeper-esque social observation, and plenty of fuzzed out guitars to propel the melody. My dear lean percussionist, I feel for you – I really do – but this song is worth your pain. Sorry!

Set your reminders for 30th July, as we’re expecting both ‘Crush’ and ‘You Never Looked So Cool’ to drop and complete the line up alongside ‘Bleugh’, ‘Old Nudes’, ‘How Am I Still Alive’, and ‘Boy Bye’ for the Goober EP.

Steve Fenton was Editor in Chief for The Mag and also wrote for DV8 Magazine and Spill Magazine. He was often found in venues across the country alongside ace-photographer, Mark Holloway. Steve studied Psychology at OSC, and Anarchy in the UK: A History of Punk from 1976-1978 at the University of Reading.