Artwork features two teenage girls sat facing each other on swings, with the face of the right-hand figure scratched out.

Old Neon
Just Friends

With a rich acoustic guitar at the heart and just a sprinkle of an electric lead guitar, this is a real cut-down single from Old Neon.

There’s enough ambiguity in this song that most listers are going to view the lyrics through their own lens of experience. The intention feels like a break-up song, where it’s just too painful to be in the same room as the ex, hence ‘we can never be just friends‘.

After everything we’ve been through
I would do it all again
So as long as I’m not with you
We can never be just friends
I think you know
I think you know

The delivery makes me believe that this was penned and recorded the day after it happened. You can feel the pain in the emotional delivery. It’s a bullseye in the dartboard of plaintive, seriously melancholy stuff! The lead guitar sound is clean and sparkly, like something of a Dirty Hit record.

The song works well as an acoustic track, though I expect it would work equally well in the full line-up where it would land like one of Fall Out Boy’s best songs (just with a less verbose title).

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