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Some English-speaking folks tend to shy away from songs written in another language, but The Mono Jacks could be your exception. Their live performance of ‘1000 de da’ is a good enough song to convert even the most stalwart refuser of subtitles! Their latest single, ‘Undeva’, is another reason to give Romanian rock music a try.

The song starts with a drum beat with lashes of ghosting before being joined by a descending bass line and two-guitar interplay. The first verse is sparse, with the rhythm section providing most of the sound. The guitars lick at the edges initially, adding more melodic flicks as things progress.

The build is almost imperceptible, but before long, the song has become pretty intense. When it wraps around, the sparse section is less empty than the first verse, and it builds faster and further. It hits a pulsating fuzzy high with Doru Trăscău’s voice equal to the dynamic high.

Although we are all walking in different directions, and have our own questions, we are all looking for something.

The Mono Jacks are like a grungier version of Interpol, with a similar approach to sound construction but a thicker and fuller sound both instrumentally and vocally.

We love this single, and there’s more to come as this song will feature on The Mono Jacks’ forthcoming album.

Listen to The Mono Jacks – Undeva.

Undeva – Translation

The Romanian “undeva” means “somewhere” in English. Here are the lyrics for ‘Undeva’ translated into English with artistic adjustment.

Somewhere there’s a place that’s just mine
Somewhere my footsteps always take me

Somewhere there’s a man who always smiles
Right in my heart
He’s a man who is waiting for me as I am
To get there

Somewhere are the secrets of the whole world
A hidden place
A place where any question
Gets an answer

Always something

Somewhere I’m heading, I see footsteps
Let it be somehow
The footsteps of my path?
They all lead somewhere

Always something
We run somewhere

Next to me sits
A past with a hundred claws
They hit him in full
With glances from the rays of the sun

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Steve Fenton writes in our music, words, and culture categories. He was Editor in Chief for The Mag and covered live music for DV8 Magazine and Spill Magazine. He was often found in venues throughout the UK alongside ace-photographer, Mark Holloway. Steve is also a technical writer and programmer and writes gothic fiction. Steve studied Psychology at OSC, and Anarchy in the UK: A History of Punk from 1976-1978 at the University of Reading.

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