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If you are kicking off a festival set, there are few better ways to do so than with ‘Damage Done’. The song is a proper anthem and Sea Girls whip it up. Acing the playlist, they follow up with ‘Ready For More’ and as they politely inform us all… ‘You’d better get, you’d better get, you’d better get ready for more!’

Asides from drummer, Oli, who has special permission to stip down to the white shirt for practical reasons, the band are sporting matching denim jackets over white shirts and black ties. I’m rocking this look when I return from the festival and go back to my “real” job of typing shit into computers.

While my real job is no fun, Sea Girls have made plans, so we’re all treated to ‘Too Much Fun’ (you can see that writing segues should be my real job, I’m a pro). So far, the set has been a note-perfect series of indie anthems and they continue the run with new track ‘Weekends and Workdays’, which pins the song to the line ‘keep your head up’. I’ll add that to my workweek playlist.

Henry ditches the guitar for ‘Sick’, which smoulders like the emotional smasher it is. ‘Before we die we all have a purpose,’ he sings and we all wish this into existence. There’s group therapy on offer, too. ‘I’m sick of your friends,’ he cries before handing over to the crowd to shout: ‘They’re all fucking boring.’ It’s like church for music fans and you won’t hear it on Radio 1.

‘Do You Really Wanna Know’ switches things up a bit with its disco beat and pop bounce. The crowd takes the last line literally and answers yes to the call of ‘have we made it?’ The switch-up continues with the snare-led chorus of ‘Falling Apart’. Henry jumps down to get close to the crowd for the chorus.

Things get even more energetic for ‘All I Want To Hear You Say’. In all honesty, they may have played it well but the crowd increased the volume with the sing-along and mostly what I heard was an audio punch to the eardrums.

‘Call Me Out’ is announced as the last song and I’m wondering if they’re really skipping ‘Hometown’, which is one of the songs I’d put in the top five festival anthems ever. Amazingly, they do finish without it… but I have to admit the set was grand and anthemic even without it.

Sea Girls sound great live and the energy is unquestionable. Loved this performance.

Sea Girls Reading 2023 Set List

Here are all the songs from the Sea Girls Reading 2023 performance:

  1. Damage Done
  2. Ready For More
  3. Too Much Fun
  4. Weekends and Workdays
  5. Sick
  6. Do You Really Wanna Know?
  7. Falling Apart
  8. All I Want To Hear You Say
  9. Call Me Out

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