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Home (feat. Jon Batiste)

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Opening for the new album, Empathogen, ‘Home’ is a song with a folksy melody and a serious groove. It’s lyrically sparse but musically rich as Willow continues to create the music that feels most authentic to her.

A lot is going on in this song as it moves through various arrangements. It starts with a stick clacking and huge bass emphasis in the introduction, which carries through the first verse. The vocal style here has a folk element and a strong melody.

The groove picks up and transports us to a variation of the verse, the drums striking the same rhythm but on the ride and the vocal delivering a more forceful version of the words.

In a way, the song is a compressed soundtrack. The essential hooks resurface through different instruments and with variations, like a John Williams composition.

With Empathogen, my emotional shift came with a musical shift to something softer and introspective into a more complex space. I was in a place of healing and trying to find the truest expression of healing. I’m trying to bring people in, rather than explode outwards.

Willow Smith, Variety

Empathogen is available now.

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Home Lyrics

I live my life
In a river of grace
I trust this river to carry me home

I live my life
In a river of grace
I trust this river to carry me home

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