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With no shortlist, nominations, or judges’ decisions, The Mag Awards’ winners were a truly public selection. The Talking Heads in Southampton was the host for live performances from three of the winners as well as some on-the-knuckle comedy from Toupe front-man Grant Sharkey. Both Kat Vipers (London) and Mary (Denmark) made the trip to Southampton […]

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If you could do me one big favour and pause for an inordinately long time each time you find a full stop, I’ll begin. The votes are in and they’ve been counted and re-counted. It’s time to announce the winners, the readers choice, the peoples’ champions. It’s time to tell you who won The Mag’s […]

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Mellow first track ‘After 8’ begins with a Primal Scream style drum intro and funky meandering guitar before lead singer Sarah Millard’s distinctive voice erupts to destroy the calm. The finest elements of this track are the superb bass-line and the jazzy instrumental section which is augmented with an agreeable vocal riff: ‘bah bah-bah, bah […]