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Lauran Hibberd
Still Running (5k)

First of all, it’s a confirmed long-player release for Lauran Hibberd as ‘Still Running (5k)’ lands with the news that it will feature on Garageband Superstar. You need to wait until August 18th, though, before you can get your hands on the album.

Worry not, as this single adds beautifully to the Goober EP and recent single ‘Charlie’s Car’. The notable thing about ‘Running the Same 5k’ is the bounce, which propels this song along like a giant space hopper. There are three distinct elements in the song, a cool spoken verse, a dreamy chorus, and a guitar-driven version of the chorus. All three of these parts are great in isolation, but together they are anthemic.

The song itself is a reference to that feeling you have that everyone is doing much better than you, thanks to the best-selves everyone shares on social media. While all her friends have moved away and are tossing champagne back with their other-halves, Lauran is stuck running the same 5k. It’s not about running, but DJs at running events won’t care when they use it for the warm-up.

This single features House of Pain / Limp Bizkit’s DJ Lethal, and you’ll certainly recognise elements of that in this recording. It’s a class collaboration as you hear both sides of it clearly enough.

Hibberd keeps delivering delightful tracks and we are all excited about the full-length album.

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