Willow - Purge


This is undoubtedly Willow’s heaviest song thus far, collaborating with Siiickbrain to create a scream-laden track that’s lyrically dark, sonically angular, and absolutely epic.

If you’ve heard tracks like Siiickbrain’s ‘I’m Sick’ from 2021s Ashtray for Your Agony, the melodic/angst switches will be familiar and Willow’s unusual melodic style makes the song even more compelling. It covers a lot of ground in two and a half minutes, probably most comparable to songs like Linkin Park’s ‘Crawling’ in terms of providing an enraged yet hooky anthem.

I don’t know the truth anymore, perspective shattered to the floor
Fucking up like most of the time, coming to terms with all of my lies, not taking advice (I don’t really wanna know)
Tryna find my way to the light, through traps in my mind, it’s gonna be fine, it’s gonna be fine

At some future point, somebody is going to have to create a wall of photographs and red string that shows how the current US punk scene is interconnected. If you’ve studied the 1976 UK punk scene, you’ll notice how this current trend echoes it. There are links everywhere.

I encourage you all to travel those pathways as a great way to discover new stuff. Siiickbrain’s music is an eclectic scream-pop, and you’ll find onward transfers to Pussy Riot, Maggie Lindermann, while Willow links you back into Machine Gun Kelly, Cherry Glazerr, Avril Lavigne, and more. It’s a veritable river-delta of music to discover; varied, eclectic, but brilliant.

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