Loving Me cover art. Claudia Mills sat holding an umbrella and looking up at the camera. Pictured in sepia.

Loving Me

Bitters‘ latest single, ‘Loving Me’, provides a gentler take on their sound. Lighter and more plaintive than ‘Stole Your Car’, but still a worthy and shimmering heatwave of a release.

The guitar provides a tuneful hook to lead us in, with Mills’ vocal providing a rich and warm tone. The verse is almost acoustic, the drums gently stroking things along. The pre-chorus provides a nice moment to cap it off before the chorus, which is backed by that guitar motif from the intro.

But I want you to hold me down
And I don’t want to run away

There’s a summery feel to this, that heat-haze melancholy where Danny Larusso is feeling lost in a new town. The one-line drop-out at the tail-end chorus gives the song a neat dynamic moment, where the rest of the song is a more gentle flow.

Bitters are a talented band, they sound great live, and they have some top-drawer songs.

Watch Bitters – Loving You.

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