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Bitters give us a solid shimmering pop song with a great chorus and interesting lyrics. Yep, ‘Metaphors’ is a sweet track with a rich sound.

It kicks off with an acoustic guitar, surrounded by sonic flickers. It builds up, only to get a squashed equalizer treatment for a low-down first verse. The pre-chorus hints of something arriving, and the heartbeat pause makes sure the velvety thick chorus hits all the right spots.

This song in full swing is a real soundbed, woven from many different instruments and sounds. It’s smooth and soft, soaring in a great melodic arc.

‘Metaphors’ is an alternative love song, delivering an aching feeling of longing with a jumping beat and a soaring melodic delivery skimming across the rich music.

Watch Bitters – ‘Metaphors’.

Metaphors Lyrics

Wait for me by the phone line
Gonna call you up
Gonna change your mind
My voice in the powerlines
I mean every word

Because you are
You’re impossible to shake
And baby you are
You’re impossible to shake

Don’t it feel good
In my arms
Don’t it feel good
Laying on my floor
Life’s a highway
Love’s an ocean
Don’t it feel good
To Talk in metaphors

My brain’s flooding pretty hard
With pictures of your face
And all your body parts
I’ll let you hold all the cards
If you just open up

But you are
You’re impossible to change, girl
But maybe you, you are
You’re not looking for the chase

Don’t it feel good, in my arms?
Don’t it feel good, laying on my floor?
Life’s a highway
Love’s an ocean
Don’t it feel good
To Talk in metaphors

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