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Matt Pless
Ivy Juniper

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Matt Pless has released an absolute joy of a folk song, ‘Ivy Juniper’. It’s a Shakespearian love song in a Dillon-esque package.

You know you’re listening to a Matt Pless song by the lyrical rhythms. Beneath the playfulness of the words is a strong story, and while most writers will take care of the end of each line, Pless is weaving the art all the way through.

The cut-down presentation lets the delicate guitar line shine, while the harmonica section is fully on theme for the song.

This song will soon feature on a vinyl release. Keep an eye on his Bandcamp page for news.

Listen to Matt Pless – ‘Ivy Juniper’.

Ivy Juniper Lyrics

Born on a runaway box car train
Crowned with a halo of daisy chains
Second-hand holes in her denim jeans
Queen with a lucky ace up her sleeve

Have you heard about that girl
With the banded boots and the cowboy smile
Call her Ivy Juniper
She’s a highway child pretty misty eyes
Rugged and rough with a diamond shine
Sweet and sassy like moonlight wine
They call her Ivy Juniper
The rambling love of mine

Off like the derelict wind, she goes
Rocks like a ramshackle rodeo
Lips like the kiss from a honeycomb
Bag full of tricks and a heart of gold

Never met a girl like her
She’s a coin-flip mixed with a cyclone spin
Little Ivy Juniper
With her pockets filled with the perfect crime
One of a kind on a cloud nine high
Laughter painting the countryside
She’s little Ivy Juniper
The rambling love of mine

Can’t forget about that girl
With her soul exploding like sundown fire
Wild Ivy Juniper
She’s a pistol living a slingshot life
Free as a bird in the western sky
Passing by like an exit sign
She’s little Ivy Juniper
The rambling love of mine
The rambling love of mine

Written by Beck on

Michael Beck is a long-time writer for [the-mag] and Phonotonal.
Michael Beck

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