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With no shortlist, nominations, or judges’ decisions, The Mag Awards’ winners were a truly public selection. The Talking Heads in Southampton was the host for live performances from three of the winners as well as some on-the-knuckle comedy from Toupe front-man Grant Sharkey. Both Kat Vipers (London) and Mary (Denmark) made the trip to Southampton […]

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If you could do me one big favour and pause for an inordinately long time each time you find a full stop, I’ll begin. The votes are in and they’ve been counted and re-counted. It’s time to announce the winners, the readers choice, the peoples’ champions. It’s time to tell you who won The Mag’s […]

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Kat Vipers is a twenty-something Athens born singer/songwriter who mixes classical and jazz sounds with contemporary hooks to create a rather unusual strain of music. Initially, the piano works a muted tune for the start of ‘Mint Tastes Like Lemon’, while Vipers’ vibrato tones lay down a classical style melody. Some impressive orchestration adds to […]