Auto Circus

Auto Circus

From the start this demo promises nothing more complicated than simple summertime songs with Gene-esque guitar licks and smokey vocals.

The demo opens with ‘So Heavy’, a pop song that bounces along like a space hopper. A lot of effort has been made in this song to squeeze as many hook-lines as possible into the melody and guitars.

The second offering has more dreamy style, conjuring up that lazy afternoon feeling rather well. ‘Love to Burn’ sounds like the more recent material produced by Suede, right down to the bass runs and warm guitar picking.

‘Little Victories’ contains some ambient string sounds that build gradually as the song progresses. The chorus is the strong point on this track, which drifts a little during the verse, although this is really a reflection on how good each element of the first two tracks is.

Final song on the demo, ‘By the Sea’, sounds just as the title suggests. A few hundred yards from a sandy beach, where the sand dunes are covered in long grass. The guitar riff has a Joan Osbourne feel to it, with warm and only slightly crunchy-round-the-edges guitar sounds. Ending suddenly with the line ‘It’s where I want to be…’

This CD would be right at home in a convertible, with the top down, being filmed in slow motion on a really straight road in America, while the sun gradually slips toward the horizon.

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