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August Dispatch: Music on Repeat vol. 4

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The end of any summer always brings the inevitable – the impending doom of returning to the office and the end of our beloved festival season. While I always dread both equally, most of the team dread just the latter and love the former. Especially those with kids. Only those with kids.

The first team meeting was mostly about gigs and festivals we went to – from the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, Glastonbury, Reading, Dundee, or Manchester, the team were everywhere, listening to everything. We also briefly discussed upcoming releases and there’s a lot on the line. What a great time to live and love music! Stay tuned in, you’ll love our plans.

And before the meeting? When I was walking around the office, I realised how many good musicians we listen to, talk about, and share, but never really review. Our access to music is almost limitless but our time isn’t.

Here are some of the songs we discussed the most.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – ‘Burning’

There’s so much new good music to listen to it’s sometimes unbelievable we a find the time time to go back and listen to older stuff.

The review of Cool It Down, Yeah Yeah Yeahs‘ 2022 album says it all:

Although there are only eight songs and the 32-minute playtime is short, Yeah Yeah Yeahs unload so much you won’t regret your time and keep coming back.

Vinklarek’s review of Yeah Yeah Yeahs’s Cool It Down

Confirmed and demonstrated.

‘Burning’, one of the first singles released, is still powerful.

Watch Yeah Yeah Yeahs – ‘Burning’

Nova Twins – ‘Sleep Paralysis’

Nova Twins were the first major Glastonbury music discovery of the year for me.

Two women entered the stage, looked at each other, the camera zoomed in, and when ‘Fire & Ice’ hit my eardrums, I instantly knew I was happy to listen to more, even the rap sections, of this intense bass-heavy combination of grime and punk, a genre the duo calls urban punk.

‘Sleep Paralysis’ is one of my favourite songs coming from their 2022 album Supernova.

Fall asleep into a nightmare
Welcome to my sadistic funfair
Birds don’t sing and no one comes here
It’s dark outside without you, my dear

Nova Twins – Sleep Paralysis, verse 1

The lyrics are powerful, unique, and empowering.

You’ll hear more about the band from us, that’s a promise.

Watch Nova Twins – ‘Sleep Paralysis’.

The Big Moon – ‘Daydreaming’

The second biggest Glastonbury discovery of the year is definitely The Big Moon – they can easily go from a cheery song to Marianne Faithfull vibes and onwards with a sound so mature it just blows your mind.

Just compare ‘Daydreaming’ with ‘Sucker Punch’… right?

‘Daydreaming’ is a cool one. You can bet your last pocket money will be writing a lot more about them in the future.

Watch The Big Moon – ‘Daydreaming’.

Foo Fighters – ‘Under You’

Not mentioning Foo Fighters in this volume would be a crime. And a lie. I have been listening to the boys a lot and not just the new stuff. Especially after their epic gig at, you guessed it, Glastonbury, when they were announced as The Churnups.

The only thing I didn’t (and still don’t) get is their one-hour slot when they should have been a headliner. Epic performance.

The new album, But Here We Are, is brilliant and has a great many songs on it, unexpectedly, as well. No two songs are the same, just listen to ‘Under Your’, ‘Rescue’, or ‘Show Me How’.

Here’s a version that gets you the closest to what we heard at Glasto:

Watch Foo Fighters – Under You (From ‘Preparing Music For Concerts’).

Descartes A Kant – ‘After Destruction’

There are some songs that once played, get played a lot. Descartes A Kant delivered just such a song with their latest single ‘After Destruction’. This song just has a bounce to it that keeps your attention as the band deliver some trademark oddity.

You can experience the delights for yourself by clicking to watch the video. Go on. You know you want to.

Watch Descartes A Kant – ‘After Destruction’.

Queens of the Stone Age – ‘Carnavoyeur’

Queens of the Stone Age returned with a good album.

The album features hooky, hard-pounding bits like ‘Obscenery’, ‘Negative Space’, and ‘Emotion Sickness’. And, believe me or not, if you love Led Zeppelin’s ‘Kashmir’, you won’t be disappointed.

‘Carnavoyeur’ represents the album well, it’s a good bait.

And if you have any doubts, read the review.

Watch Queens of the Stone Age – Carnavoyeur.

Candi Carpenter – ‘Cult’

Candi Carpenter’s music has been a staple for a few months now. If you follow Phonotonal regularly, you already know we’re fans. Huge fans.

The horror, terror, fear, loathing (none of it in Las Vegas), shame and more. Candi is the queen of stories that make you think about how bad people can be and how liberal you actually are.

‘Cult’ closes the Demonology Part I EP, and, funnily enough, is the perfect epitome.

Watch Candi Carpenter – ‘Cult’.

Hot Milk – ‘Bloodstream’

They made us wait for an absolute age before giving us their debut album, A Call To The Void. All is forgiven, though, since it’s so good. Hot Milk could have had any number of songs perpetually on our playlist, but we’ve gone with ‘Bloodstream’ as the one that really gave us the bridge from their previous material into their new sound.

Watch Hot Milk – ‘Bloodstream’.

Manchester Orchestra – ‘Lose You Again’

I can’t say I had The Valley of Vision on repeat regularly in the past three months but whenever I return to it, it makes me realise why I love Manchester Orchestra so much.

‘Lose You Again’ always makes me think, rethink, and doubt my interpretation. A brilliant s

Smart lyrics, great music, and fantastic gigs. Oh, well, BTW, they’re playing two London ones at the beginning of October. Just saying.

We’re going. Are you?

Watch Manchester Orchestra – ‘Lose You Again’.

Wynona Bleach – ‘Drag’

They wowed us with their cover of The Cure’s ‘Why Can’t I Be You’ and then floored us with their amazing single, ‘Drag’. Wynona Bleach are something very special.

If you haven’t heard of heavygaze, you’re about to fall in love with it…

Watch Wynona Bleach – ‘Drag’.

Royal & The Serpent – ‘Astroturf’

There have been three instalments in Royal & The Serpent’s Rat Trap series (so far), but we have to go all the way back to ‘Astroturf’ to remember fondly how it smacked us senseless with its punchy sound and smart lyrics.

It’s angsty, but retains high calibre wit. What a glorious song.

Watch Royal & The Serpent – ‘Astroturf’.

Lauran Hibberd – ‘Honda Civic’

Once you’ve released an album like Garageband Superstar, you have the right to take a few years away from the studio to bask in your achievement. To celebrate its anniversary, though, Lauran Hibberd gave us ‘Honda Civic’ – a break-up anthem with a fun video.

Hopefully there’s more on the way!

Watch Lauran Hibberd – ‘Honda Civic’.

Linkin Park – ‘Numb’

Just an FYI, Linkin Park’s Meteora is 20 years old now. It’s aged really well.

Watch Linkin Park – ‘Numb’.

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